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UFC 115 Wrap Up

posted by cradick on June-13-2010, 12:00am

I was able to catch most of UFC 115 and I was pleasantly surprised with the event. Most shocking had to be the Mirko Cro Cop and Pat Barry fight. Not only was I surprised to see Barry knock down Cro Cop continuously, but the fight ended with a submission by Cro Cop. It is nice to see Cro Cop continue to improve his all around MMA skills and perform to his ability in the octagon. I am looking forward to seeing him fight again.

Martin Kampmann was very impressive in what I like to call his "I'm back" fight. The last time I saw him fight, he was destroyed by Paul Daley. Time for another step up in competition.

The main event ended as most expected, in a knockout. My gut feeling going into the fight was that Liddell would catch Franklin with a big shot. I think I was right as Liddell landed a few good shots, but it was Franklin who would deliver the knockout punch. One thing is for sure, Franklin is one tough dude fighting with a broken left hand.

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The Ultimate Fighter 11: Episode 2

posted by cradick on April-8-2010, 12:00am

The second episode of the The Ultimate Fighter has already proved to me that this will be a great season. We have all the right elements in place.

First of all, the show has great coaches. Liddell is the strategist while Ortiz is the draw-you-in likable coach. Also, it doesn't hurt that these guys really hate each other. The strategy of Liddell is called into question early as Dana White tells both coaches he thinks Ortiz picked the better team. Liddell is quick to defend himself saying that he had done his research and you can't always judge a fighter by one fight. Time will tell on this one.

Second, the show has interesting fighters. The most interesting may just be Jamie Yager. To make it into the house, he threw consecutive head kicks and scored a knockout in under 30 seconds of the first round. Once in the house, Yager immediately joins up with the Kris McCray and Brad Tavares and they decide to wake the entire house up using air-horns at 3:00am. I think it is easy to see there is going to be conflict in this season.

Finally, the show has some early story lines to follow. What will happen with the wildcards? Will the other fighters grow tired of Yager's mouth? Does something happen to Ortiz that forces him to leave the show? Who picked the better team? I guess we will have to stay tuned to find out.

OK, onto the fight. Liddell, having the luxury of picking the first fight, selects Kyle Noke from team Liddell to face Clay McKinney from team Ortiz. The choice proves to be a good one as Noke catches McKinney in a triangle forcing him to tap-out.

Team Liddell 1, Team Ortiz 0.

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CBS's Poll: Who is the Best MMA Fighter?

posted by cradick on July-11-2008, 12:39am

Who is the best pound for pound MMA fighter of all time? CBS has put together a 32 fighter bracket and is asking readers to decide.

Although interesting, I suspect most people will focus on the legends and the current big names. My early favorites to win this thing are...

  • Fedor Emelianenko - While he is considered the most dominate fighter in the world, some question the talent he has been fighting lately.
  • Anderson Silva - Like Fedor, he has dominated his weight class. This begs the question, is the division thin or is he that good?
  • George St. Pierre - Probably my favorite to win it all, but a loss to Matt Serra really hurts.
  • Chuck Liddell - The best name recognition of the bunch, but those back to back loses are still fresh in most fans eyes.
  • Royce Gracie - The legend and most dominate fighter of his era. Still, will the new fans know who he is?

Go check it out and be sure to vote!

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UFC's Big News - 3 Plausible Announcements

posted by cradick on June-10-2008, 10:59pm

Today Dana White debunked many of the rumors floating around the blogs. This included boxer Floyd Mayweather joining the organization, the WWE partnering with the UFC, the UFC appearing on FOX, ABC or another network and the UFC possibly going public.

So what's left? In my opinion, it breaks down the three possibilities.

  1. The most realistic announcement is that Chuck Liddell will be headlining UFC 88 in Atlanta. His opponent? Why not Mauricio Rua? They were originally suppose to fight at UFC 85, so it makes perfect sense they fight now. That's assuming both fighters are healthy enough to fight by then.
    odds 4-1
  2. Another possible announcement is that the UFC has acquired some new talent. Realistically, they could pull several fighters from the WEC.
    odds 10-1
  3. The far-fetched announcement is that the UFC will be adding a weightclass or two. With the success of the lightweights, it would be easy to see the UFC adding featherweights and possibly even bantamweights.
    odds 20-1

Guess we will have to wait till Thursday to know for sure.

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Chuck Liddell vs. Mauricio Rua at UFC 85

posted by cradick on February-6-2008, 9:10am
MMAJunkie is reporting that Chuck Liddell will face Mauricio Rua at UFC 85. This is a curious matchup as both fighters are very marketable and could draw large crowds against almost any opponent. Expect Rua to be much better conditioned than in his previous fight where he gassed against Forrest Griffin. My initial thought is that Liddell wins this fight via knockout. However, Rua could spoil Liddell's run at another title shot.
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