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Fedor Emelianenko Takes On Fabricio Werdum in a Joint Strikeforce/M1 Spectacular

posted by cradick on June-23-2010, 12:00am

The Strikeforce event on June 26th is bound to be one for the books as Strikeforce mixed martial arts joins up with M-1 Global to bring some of the toughest fighters in the world together within one caged ring. This is an extra special event because it combines Strikeforce MMA with M-1 Global, which allows it to be a complete world showcase of some of the world's best fighters. This showcase has a huge title card as Fedor Emelianenko (who is actually a co-owner of M-1 Global) takes on Fabricio Werdum in a heavyweight bout that promises to entertain.

Fedor Emelianenko- also known as "The Last Emperor"- holds a record of 31-1. His only recorded loss comes from the fact that his fight with Tsuyoshi Kohsaka was stopped when Emelianenko suffered a gash in the opening seconds of the fight. Even though he has a loss to tarnish his undefeated streak, "The Last Emperor" understands that numbers don't mean anything when you're inside the cage.

"Fedor" has been at the top as the best heavyweight in the world for the better part of the last decade. He has taken down Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipović, Mark Coleman, and Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira on his way there. On June 26th, he goes up against Fabricio Werdum (the number 9 heavyweight in the world) for a showdown that's bound to define the two fighters and the event.

Even though Emelianenko is the top heavyweight in the world he will have a lot on his hands going up against the jiu-jitsu technician, Fabricio Werdum. Werdum is known as "Vai Cavalo" or "Leading Horse" which speaks to his wild and free nature in the ring. It looks like it will be Emelianenko's job to tame Werdum if he wants victory.

However, the June 26th Strikeforce will not just be the main event. In fact, many more people are looking forward to the top woman in the world, Cris "Cyborg" Santos taking on Jan Finney. Most feel that Cyborg will take out Finney pretty easily and glide on to an effortless victory (even more so considering that Finney's nickname is "Cuddles"), but Finney has been known to be scrappy making the fight a good one to watch.

Plus, seeing Cris Cyborg in action is always an event in itself.

With both the male and female champions defending their titles on the same night, the June 26th Strikeforce event is destined to be an exciting evening for MMA fans.

By Alexia Krause - Alexia is a lifelong fan of sports and fitness. Recently, she's been obsessed with MMA. As a result, she has joined forces with MMA Industries- purveyors of widely popular MMA T-shirts and gear. Alexia has been writing about the latest developments in MMA equipment for the past few years, and continues to bring you the latest news in the mixed martial arts world.
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Affliction Banned from Future Promotions

posted by cradick on July-20-2008, 12:47pm

OK, the head line is a little misleading, but the production of the "Banned" event was horrible. This might have been expected, but Affliction had a blueprint laid out by the UFC and they just couldn't make it work.

Things that didn't go well...

  • Time Constraints - The first bout was scrapped due to... time constraints? How do you run out of time when the fights haven't even started?
  • Energy & Sound - The event lacked real energy early on. Sound could have been a factor. The crowd noise wasn't piped in while the fighters walked in. The transitions from a fight to fight lacked any buildup.
  • Camera Work - We saw some interesting camera work, during one fighter interview, the camera cut to an announcer where we could see he was getting his makeup applied.

I probably wouldn't have noticed the production values as much if there had been better fights. I had to wait until the Andrei Arlovski fight to finally say we had seen a decent fight and the Fedor Emelianenko and Tim Sylvia fight just left me with an empty feeling.

Overall, I have to give Affliction some credit for putting this thing together. They had awesome card (on paper) and delivered MMA fights which is what the fans really want. We got to see Fedor fight a legitimate opponent and he showed his awesome power. Now, lets see what Affliction can do for their sequel.

Before I forget, there were some great lines from the announcers. I don't have them all, but my favorite was "that was a 22 on the wow factor." I still can't figure out what the hell that means. Somebody please explain it to me.

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UFC's latest Affliction - The "Banned" Card

posted by cradick on July-14-2008, 10:12pm

The UFC must feel threatened by Affliction. Why else would they scramble to put a show up against the the first ever Affliction event? As my friend said, it's almost like the UFC is turning into Microsoft. He may be right, but we will have to wait and see.

Here is the official Banned preview:

I did find it interesting that they never mention the UFC when describing Tim Sylvia. The video does mention the UFC a couple times with their descriptions of Pat Militich and Andre Arlovski. Seems strange that they would leave it out for one fighter and include it for the other two.

I wish I was able to watch either event this weekend, but I can't. I'm betting that most fans tune in to see Fedor Emelianenko fight Tim Sylvia, but who knows. What will you be watching this weekend?

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CBS's Poll: Who is the Best MMA Fighter?

posted by cradick on July-11-2008, 12:39am

Who is the best pound for pound MMA fighter of all time? CBS has put together a 32 fighter bracket and is asking readers to decide.

Although interesting, I suspect most people will focus on the legends and the current big names. My early favorites to win this thing are...

  • Fedor Emelianenko - While he is considered the most dominate fighter in the world, some question the talent he has been fighting lately.
  • Anderson Silva - Like Fedor, he has dominated his weight class. This begs the question, is the division thin or is he that good?
  • George St. Pierre - Probably my favorite to win it all, but a loss to Matt Serra really hurts.
  • Chuck Liddell - The best name recognition of the bunch, but those back to back loses are still fresh in most fans eyes.
  • Royce Gracie - The legend and most dominate fighter of his era. Still, will the new fans know who he is?

Go check it out and be sure to vote!

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The UFC's Heaveyweight Problem

posted by cradick on March-30-2008, 11:22pm

The UFC is dominating the MMA world in every aspect except for their mediocre heavyweight division. The problem? The UFC can't seem to maintain their stars. With Tim Sylvia leaving the UFC, that makes four good fighters that have recently left. I am including Andrei Arlovski (who hasn't officially left yet), Randy Couture, and Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic.

So, who is left? Off the top of my head, I can only really think of Cheick Kongo, Brock Lesnar, and of course Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira I suppose I should also include Brandon Vera, he can be fun to watch at times. I just have a hard time finding a reason why the UFC doesn't spend some money on what used to be a great division. Bring in some new blood, find some new prospects; maybe land this guy named Fedor Emelianenko... some of you may have heard of him.

One final thought, the UFC might actually benefit by dropping Tim Sylvia's contract. It's pretty obvious that most fans don't like the way Sylvia fights and therefore he will never draw a crowd like a Chuck Liddell or Randy Couture. With Sylvia out of the picture, a fan favorite can take his place as a contender in the heavyweight division.

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