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Post Fight Brawl at Strikeforce Nashville Video

posted by cradick on April-19-2010, 12:00am

I didn't catch this live but definitely a black eye for MMA. Most of the blame is falling on Jason Miller at this point for being in the cage and aggressively requesting a rematch with Jake Shields. Of course, somehow the Diaz boys found a way to be in the middle of the action. Probably a lot more to come on this.

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Kimbo Sliced by Seth Petruzelli

posted by cradick on October-5-2008, 11:31pm

The EliteXC Heat event was actually pretty entertaining. You can find more on the event here. Of course I watched it with the aid of digital video recorder, so I didn't have to watch all the fluff. For me, the highlights where...

  • Ken Shamrock out of the main event - This sucked at first, but got all the more interesting when Kimbo lost. By the way, did anybody actually remember that Seth Petruzelli actually was on The Ultimate Fightar 2?
  • Benji Radach fighting style "facesmasher-fu" (or something like that) - I still can't find a reference to what the hell his fight style was, but he sure looked good kicking the crap out of Murilo Rua.
  • The weigh-ins - The Kimbo-Shamrock escapade almost looked scripted but Carano getting naked had millions of fans watching.
  • Seeing Jake Shields fight - Having never seen Shields fight, I was impressed. I can now justify putting him in my rankings.
  • Andre Arlovski looked aggressive - I don't think the Arlovski of old is back, but he definitely showed some of the signs.

I am still waiting on the fallout from this event. What happens with Kimbo now? Who will Petruzelli fight next? Will pictures of Carano surface? These are the important questions.

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