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UFC 115 Wrap Up

posted by cradick on June-13-2010, 12:00am

I was able to catch most of UFC 115 and I was pleasantly surprised with the event. Most shocking had to be the Mirko Cro Cop and Pat Barry fight. Not only was I surprised to see Barry knock down Cro Cop continuously, but the fight ended with a submission by Cro Cop. It is nice to see Cro Cop continue to improve his all around MMA skills and perform to his ability in the octagon. I am looking forward to seeing him fight again.

Martin Kampmann was very impressive in what I like to call his "I'm back" fight. The last time I saw him fight, he was destroyed by Paul Daley. Time for another step up in competition.

The main event ended as most expected, in a knockout. My gut feeling going into the fight was that Liddell would catch Franklin with a big shot. I think I was right as Liddell landed a few good shots, but it was Franklin who would deliver the knockout punch. One thing is for sure, Franklin is one tough dude fighting with a broken left hand.

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Dreaming of a Better Promotion

posted by cradick on May-8-2008, 12:54am

So I finally got around to watching the first DREAM event... I wasn't impressed. The fights were good, but I didn't recognize many fighters. To make it interesting, my friends and I pick some stupid criteria for selecting a fighter. I ended up with the fighter with the loosest shorts, I didn't win to many fights.

What is it about the UFC that makes it the better than DREAM? I think the success of the UFC is a direct result of The Ultimate Fighter. Not only are the contestants promoted through each show, but the coaches, Dana White, and even the refs are on constant display. Then, when a UFC event rolls around there is a good chance I will recognize more than a few faces. Will the owners of DREAM please take notice?

The fighter introductions for the event were WWF/WWE style, which was interesting to see. Although, I can see how it could quickly become annoying. Finally, Mirko Cro Cop made a much anticipated return to fighting in this event. He won the fight, but again something was missing from his performance. Here's to hoping DREAM 2 is better.

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Cro Cop Flop

posted by cradick on February-13-2008, 8:03pm

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic is officially done with the UFC. According to reports, Cro Cop is parting ways with the UFC to fight with a new promotion called DREAM.

I am disappointed because we never got to see the real Cro Cop. He did provide some fireworks albeit a loss to Gabriel Gonzaga. Then again, maybe it was time to go since he never felt comfortable in the cage.

On a side note, why can't the UFC find/retain true heavyweights? It's such a letdown when the UFC can't sign fighers like Fedor Emelianenko and lose fighters like Cro Cop and Randy Couture. At least we have Brock...

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