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UFC's latest Affliction - The "Banned" Card

posted by cradick on July-14-2008, 10:12pm

The UFC must feel threatened by Affliction. Why else would they scramble to put a show up against the the first ever Affliction event? As my friend said, it's almost like the UFC is turning into Microsoft. He may be right, but we will have to wait and see.

Here is the official Banned preview:

I did find it interesting that they never mention the UFC when describing Tim Sylvia. The video does mention the UFC a couple times with their descriptions of Pat Militich and Andre Arlovski. Seems strange that they would leave it out for one fighter and include it for the other two.

I wish I was able to watch either event this weekend, but I can't. I'm betting that most fans tune in to see Fedor Emelianenko fight Tim Sylvia, but who knows. What will you be watching this weekend?

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Yves Edwards vs Edson Berto Video

posted by cradick on February-19-2008, 8:31am

I forgot to post this the other day, but here is the video of the Yves Edwards vs. Edson Berto fight. If you watch it, you will know why I posted it.

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