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Wanderlei Silva's Possible Move to Middleweight

posted by cradick on February-21-2008, 6:32pm

According to his blog, Wanderlei Silva is contemplating a move to the middleweight weightclass. Silva would be the latest in a line of fighters to lose and then move weighclasses.

Michael Bisping was the last fighter to move weightclasses. After losing to Rashad Evans, Bisping declared his intentions to move to the middleweight division. He will face Charley McCarthy at UFC 83 in the new weighclass.

Before Bisping, it was Mick Swick. After losing to a bigger and stronger Yushin Okami, Swick moved to the the welterweight division. So far so good for Swick, he was able to defeat Josh Burkman.

So will Silva move weighclasses? He doesn't appear to be ducking the fighters at the light heavyweight division, but instead wants a rematch with Dan Henderson. Still, seems like his loss to Chuck Liddell is the reason he is considering the move.

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