Thiago Alves vs. Karo Parisyan

posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 12:16am

Thiago Alves vs. Karo Parisyan should be a good fight. I can't remember ever watching Alves fight, but his record of 18-4-0 speaks for itself. Parisyan also ownes a very good record having won 25 fights while only losing 4. Parisyan may be extra motivated to win this fight as it should secure him a well deserved title shot. I assume he is currently in line behind John Fitch.

I don't see this fight going Alves's way, but don't be surprised if Alves does win the fight. I am tempted to pick an upset here, but I will go with my first thought and say Parisyan wins this fight via decision.

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#1 posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 8:32pm
Man, we are rolling through these fights. The first round starts and Parisyan is able to get a quick takedown. Alves recovers quickly and is able to get the fight back to standup. The round ends, Parisyan wins the round 10-9.
#2 posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 8:34pm
Both fighter come out swinging and as the fighters tie up Alves lands a huge knee sending Parisyan to the mat. The fight is stopped almost immediately and Parisyan jumps to his feet obviously upset with the stoppage. Hard to tell, but I think I will side with the ref on this one, looked like Parisyan was in trouble.
#3 posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 8:35pm
And just like that, Parisyan drops out of a long awaited title shot. Just goes to show that anybody at this level can win a fight.
#4 posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 8:39pm
Guess that makes 5 in a row for Alves, he says he is ready for a title shot. I am not convinced, he needs to win one more to get that title shot in my opinion.
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