Kenny Florian vs. Joe Lauzon

posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 12:34am

Finally, the main event: Kenny Florian vs. Joe Lauzon. Who versus who? Sure, I have heard of these guys and both are great fighters, but do they deserve to be headlining this event? I am not so sure.

Don't be mistaken, this will still be a good fight. Florian has been on a war path ever since his title match loss to Sean Sherk. Since that loss, he has won three straight fights which includes his most recent win over Din Thomas.

Lauzon has a little more interesting story. After shocking the UFC fan base with his knockout win over Jens Pulver, Lauzon goes on to fight in The Ultimate Fighter 5 reality show with Pulver as a coach. He eventually loses to Manvel Gamburyan in the semi finals, but showed why he belongs in the UFC. Since the show, he has posted two consecutive wins and now looks to move into the top ten lightweight fighters.

I am undecided who will win this one. I would like to go with experience and pick Florian. Still, there is something about Lauzon that is hard pick against. I am going to sleep on it and let you know in the morning.

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#1 posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 5:33pm
After mulling it over, I am picking Kenny Florian. I think Joe is better on his feet, but Florian will land a few of his trademark elbows. Florian wins by decision.
#2 posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 8:41pm
Wow, what a night of fights. For those of you that love knockouts and submissions, this was the event for you. The fights are moving so fast, I almost expect to get another 3 to 4 fights in but we will see...
#3 posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 9:40pm
It's time!
#4 posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 9:41pm
forgot to mention it earlier, but these guys have the worst nicknames in MMA.
#5 posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 9:48pm
Joe gets an early takedown and right away Florian starts landing his patented elbows. The ref stops the fight as some elbows were landing on the back of the head. As Lauzon stands up, the blood pours down. The fight starts again and again Lauzon gets Florian to the mat. This time, Florian doesn't throw a single elbow. Lauzon controls the fight for a little while and then trys for a leg lock, but Florian is able to get away. Another very difficult round to score. I have to go with Lauzon winning the round 10-9.
#6 posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 9:52pm
The second round starts and Florian scores an early takedown. Right away, Florian moves to the mount position and rains down punches. Lauzon tries to escape a few times, but is unable to get away and eventually Herb Dean has to stop the fight. Kenny Florian wins the fight via TKO.
#7 posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 9:54pm
Overall, a great fight. I expect as much out of these fighters and both impressed me. I have always been a Florian fan, but he looked awesome in this fight. He is on a very short list of true contenders in the lightweight division. Even thought Lauzon lost, he looked good at times in this fight. Great fight guys.
#8 posted by cradick on April-2-2008, 9:56pm
Hard to tell if the elbows to the back of the head affected the fight. In my opinion, I don't think so. If anything, Lauzon was simply tired after that exhausting first round. Kudos to Florian for coming to Colorado three weeks to adjust to the altitude.
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