Nate Diaz makes me Look Bad Once Again

posted by cradick on April-6-2008, 9:36pm

I must admit it, I always pick Nate Diaz to lose. When he called out for a contender, I doubted that he stood a chance. Then, when he agreed to fight Kurt Pellegrino, I knew he didn't stand a chance. Well, now I am now eating my words as Diaz was able submit Pellegrino.

This time, I am not going to say Diaz was lucky because he wasn't. I am not going to say he didn't fight a contender because he did. Next time, I am going to pick Diaz to win.

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#1 posted by iamphoenix on April-7-2008, 9:54pm
i like nate diaz a lot. he proved he can hang with the tougher opponents in that fight. it's great watching him fight because he'll pull off a submission out of nowhere...
#2 posted by cradick on April-7-2008, 10:55pm
Yeah, no doubt. Diaz has 9 wins, where 7 are by submission. I can't wait to see who he will fight next, I think a fight with Mac Danzig would be awesome.
#3 posted by iamphoenix on April-8-2008, 4:21pm
that fight would be crazy. but he's calling out tyson griffin, and that's a level above batman pelligrino. that would be an exciting fight. tyson didn't tap in that kneebar he got stuck in i don't think diaz would be able to submit him. i think with mac, they won't have him face diaz or any of the top guys for 2 or 3 fights so they can build him up and see where he is. beating tommy farmboy doesn't seem so impressive now...poor guy
#4 posted by cradick on April-8-2008, 4:31pm
Tyson Griffin would be a good matchup. I always forget that Urijah Faber's only loss was to Griffin. As for Tommy Speer, I still think he is a decent fighter, the only problem is that he doesn't matchup with some fighters very well. He really needs another year of training before coming back.
#5 posted by iamphoenix on April-8-2008, 5:43pm
he should only train in striking and keeping his chin down. he looked so scared in there. you wouldn't think he'd be embarrassed like that in his first 2 fights in the UFC...
#6 posted by cradick on April-8-2008, 5:58pm
Last I heard, he was training with HIT, Matt Hughes's new camp. I am sure he will that will help him immensely.
#7 posted by iamphoenix on April-8-2008, 6:27pm
farmboy should train with GSP or something. huhges isn't known to be a great striker. i don't know who's the boxing coach? it's not marc fiore is it? mark deligrotti would do spears wonders...
#8 posted by cradick on April-8-2008, 6:54pm
From the sounds of it, the trainers at HIT are Matt Hughes, Robbie Lawler, Matt Pena and Marc Fiore. See this MMAWeekly article.
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