Ramblings from UFC 83

posted by cradick on April-21-2008, 9:09am

My trip to Iowa this past weekend made me realize one thing. The people in Iowa are crazy for the UFC. Most bars were filled before dinner was even over, lucky for us we found a bar where we could watch the fights.

We caught most of the Mac Danzig fight. He confirmed my thoughts that he is a top 10 contender in the lightweight division. Now, how about a matchup with Anthony Johnson?

I still hate Michael Bisping...

Nate Quarry did his best to put on a great show against Kalib Starnes. The problem was that Starnes ran away from Quarry for most of the fight. The best part of the whole fight was at the end of the third round. Quarry was getting tired of Starnes constantly backing away from him so he mocked him by putting his hands up in a crazy configuration to throw some fake punches. I can't do the action justice with words, so I suggest you find the video or watch a replay.

The Travis Lutter vs. Rich Franklin fight went exactly as expected. Lutter showed some life at the start of the fight and even had Franklin in an arm bar. Franklin escaped the submission attempt and then true to form Lutter ran out of gas. From there, Franklin landed jabs and eventually the ref had to stop the fight.

Finally, the main event between George St. Pierre and Matt Serra went exactly as the first fight between the two should have gone. St. Pierre dominated the fight from start to finish. Now, can we please move on to a fight between Matt Serra and Matt Hughes?

I better mention that Kenny Florian did a great job in his debut as an announcer. He provided great insight to most of the fights. I look forward to hearing from him again. Overall, a great night of fights and well worth the $5 cover.

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