UFC 84: Tito Ortiz vs. Lyoto Machida

posted by cradick on May-22-2008, 7:05pm

The Tito Ortiz era in the UFC is coming to an end. A run that started in 1997 will end with a fight against the very talented Lyoto Machida. The UFC had a couple of options with Ortiz, but ultimately decided to gamble on using his name to promote another fighter.

By showing the Tito Ortiz fight, the UFC will be exposing Lyoto Machida to a slew of new fans. However, the UFC is gambling that Machida will win the fight. With a win, Machida potentially becomes a superstar and simultaneously tears down Ortiz's value on the free agent market.

This scenario has the potential to backfire on the UFC. If Ortiz can find a way to win the fight, the UFC loses a star in Ortiz and hands Machida his first loss. Expect Machida to want to strike and Ortiz to take the fight to the mat. I believe Machida wins this fight by stuffing Ortiz's takedown attempts and pulling out the decision.

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