UFC's Big News - 3 Plausible Announcements

posted by cradick on June-10-2008, 10:59pm

Today Dana White debunked many of the rumors floating around the blogs. This included boxer Floyd Mayweather joining the organization, the WWE partnering with the UFC, the UFC appearing on FOX, ABC or another network and the UFC possibly going public.

So what's left? In my opinion, it breaks down the three possibilities.

  1. The most realistic announcement is that Chuck Liddell will be headlining UFC 88 in Atlanta. His opponent? Why not Mauricio Rua? They were originally suppose to fight at UFC 85, so it makes perfect sense they fight now. That's assuming both fighters are healthy enough to fight by then.
    odds 4-1
  2. Another possible announcement is that the UFC has acquired some new talent. Realistically, they could pull several fighters from the WEC.
    odds 10-1
  3. The far-fetched announcement is that the UFC will be adding a weightclass or two. With the success of the lightweights, it would be easy to see the UFC adding featherweights and possibly even bantamweights.
    odds 20-1

Guess we will have to wait till Thursday to know for sure.

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2 Responses

#1 posted by cradick on June-10-2008, 11:17pm
Some good story lines on other blogs include matchups between... 1) Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva 2) Anderson Silva and George St. Pierre 3) George St. Pierre and B.J. Penn
#2 posted by cradick on June-11-2008, 9:01pm
Some more reports today... seems like there will not be an announcement on Thursday. 5 oz. is reporting that the news was suppose to be that New York legislation had approved fighting in the state. I guess the legislation turned it down.
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