CBS's Poll: Who is the Best MMA Fighter?

posted by cradick on July-11-2008, 12:39am

Who is the best pound for pound MMA fighter of all time? CBS has put together a 32 fighter bracket and is asking readers to decide.

Although interesting, I suspect most people will focus on the legends and the current big names. My early favorites to win this thing are...

  • Fedor Emelianenko - While he is considered the most dominate fighter in the world, some question the talent he has been fighting lately.
  • Anderson Silva - Like Fedor, he has dominated his weight class. This begs the question, is the division thin or is he that good?
  • George St. Pierre - Probably my favorite to win it all, but a loss to Matt Serra really hurts.
  • Chuck Liddell - The best name recognition of the bunch, but those back to back loses are still fresh in most fans eyes.
  • Royce Gracie - The legend and most dominate fighter of his era. Still, will the new fans know who he is?

Go check it out and be sure to vote!

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