Bruce Buffer Owes me a Beer: Part 2

posted by cradick on August-11-2008, 10:42pm

As we move on to part two of this story, I should point out that Bruce Buffer still owes me a beer. Maybe someday this story will find him and we can resolve our differences. As I covered in Part One of this saga, we went to the weigh-ins and I was fortunate enough to meet Wanderlei Silva.

Little did we know it, but our day was just getting started. As the waitress brought us our first beer, a few people came walking into the bar. I didn't think much of it, but my friend Tim took only a second to recognize that one of the people was Mark DellaGrotte.

For those of you that don't know, and I am ashamed to admit that I didn't at first either, DellaGrotte is a MMA trainer. Tim made sure to get his attention as he walked-by and he even said hi as he passed. Now, we were pretty excited to see somebody famous walk through the bar, but a little upset for not grabbing him for a picture.

At this point, I don't know if we expected to see anybody else come through, but all of a sudden we started to get that feeling. A couple guys had entered the bar and they were carrying walkie-talkies and scoping out the bar.

Sure enough, a large group was entering the bar from the Target Center side. It was easy enough to spot Brock Lesnar in the group as he was twice as big as the others. As he walked past, I asked him to stop for a quick picture. He was nice enough to pose and shake my hand. I wished him luck and he split for the door.

Brock Lesnar and Ryan Cradick

Now, we knew we were in the right spot. The excitement was building as we thought about who else might come through.

My memory is a little fuzzy at this point, but I know we saw several fighters go through the bar. We were lucky enough to see John Fitch, Kenny Florian and Ben Saunders make there way through. As Saunders passed by, my friend Mike commented that "he looked shorter than he did on TV."

The comment got Saunders attention and he turned around to see who was making the accusations. He saw Mike standing there and tried to make light of the situation by asking whether Mike was standing on the bar stool. When he saw that he wasn't, he laughed and said "oh, I guess not" as he walked away.

The next fighter through the door was none other than Matt Serra. Now, we are not the biggest Matt Serra fans but I have to admit that he was pretty cool. He took time to shake hands and pose for pictures. We decided to go for the group shot minus Greg who took the picture. From left to right the picture shows Ryan, Mike, Matt and Tim.

Matt Serra, Ryan Cradick, Tim and Mike

As this story goes on, you can probably guess who will be coming in toward the end of the story. My encounter with Buffer wasn't bad, but I hope it is making for a good story line. If you have enjoyed the story so far, be sure to post a comment and come back soon to hear the rest of the story.

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#1 posted by mmaoverload on August-25-2008, 1:18pm
I'm from MN. I was curious which bars the fighters would end up at - unfortunately we were at a baseball game and not the UFC.. which is a shame because we missed a good one!
#2 posted by cradick on August-25-2008, 3:14pm
Not sure what bar they went to after the fights, but it was nice that we got to see them at NBA-City.
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