Sorting out winners and losers from "EliteXC: Heat"

posted by cradick on October-6-2008, 7:36pm

MMAJunkie wrote a great article about last weekend's Fight Night.

By far, the best line of the article is:

Slice's days as an MMA curiosity are over. He will still be able to sell some tickets, but the loss to Petruzelli, who's never been confused with a truly elite-level fighter, effectively makes Slice just another guy who fights for a living.

MMAJunkie points out that the big winner was Affliction and of course Seth Petruzelli. I tend to agree as I saw the Affliction name everywhere during the show. Also, Andrei Arlovski looked very good once he got going.

As for the losers, there is of course Ken Shamrock who never got his chance at Kimbo Slice. With Kimbo losing, the other big loser has to be EliteXC. Where they go from here is beyond me, but it will be interesting to see how they advertise Slice going forward.

The big losers were Kimbo Slice and EliteXC.

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#1 posted by junker37 on October-8-2008, 2:53pm
Did you hear the rumor that EliteXC told Petruzelli to keep the fight standing? That's supposedly what Petruzelli said right after the fight but then EliteXC denied it and now Petruzelli is backing down.
#2 posted by cradick on October-8-2008, 3:50pm
Yeah, I saw that. He said there was nothing to it... he said the media mixed up his words. I guess either way it doesn't really matter since he knocked out Slice on his feet.
#3 posted by cradick on October-9-2008, 11:47pm
Looks like ProElite is under invesitgation now for fixing! Here is the story.
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