Junie Browning is an Idiot

posted by cradick on October-8-2008, 11:37pm

Junie Browning is an idiot, no doubt about it. Not only is he stupid when drunk, but he tries to fight everybody in the house. To make matters worse for him, half the guys in the house are bigger than him. I like how he always asks for somebody to hit him, well I have a feeling it won't be long before somebody does. You can see most of his drunken rage over on Spike.

The real question I have is why didn't Dana White kick this a-hole out of the house? He never gave a legitimate answer, I have to wonder if the producers asked to keep him on the show for entertainment. The only other thing is that may Dana thinks he has a good shot to win the show. Still, Dana has never sacrificed the UFC's image for a good fighter.

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#1 posted by cradick on October-9-2008, 11:05pm
From Junie's blog... When I front kicked Tom Lawlor, everyone had this misconception. I was helping him defend front kicks. The next day we spent the whole day working on front kicks. I was also doing pull-ups on Ryan Baders shirt by the pool I wanted to work on my biceps - and I was defending people getting my back. They just edited it wrong, we were just practicing.
#2 posted by cradick on October-9-2008, 11:06pm
I have to assume he is fooling around, but who knows what the hell this guy is thinking. In any case, he should be interesting to watch the rest of the season.
#3 posted by cradick on October-9-2008, 11:07pm
Here is the link to Junie's week 2 blog page.
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