UFC 89: Michael Bisping Vs. Chris Leben

posted by cradick on October-13-2008, 9:56pm

We are starting a new feature here at MMAFeed where we have a back and fourth conversation with two of our contributors. The subject for today, why not Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben?

Ryan - I have said it before, but this is a horrible headline event. At least I can cheer against Michael Bisping. Unfortunately I think Bisping will win this one.

Greg - Ryan, you couldn't be more wrong on this one. This will be a great fight and Chris Leben is going to win this fight. Did you see this guys chin? It would take a Mac Truck to knock this guy out.

Ryan - Ah, poor Greg. You are greatly mistaken if you think Bisping will keep this fight standing. Bisping does like to stand, but with Leben he will take this fight to the ground. As Jason McDonald did to Lebel, Bisping will get this fight to the ground and win by choke.

Greg - You have to be kidding me! There is now way this will ever reach the mat. First of all, Bisping will make the mistake of thinking he can stand with Leben. Second, if Bisping does get into trouble on his feet he has to get around Leben's take down defense.

Ryan - You may be right that Bisping will try and stand with Leben, but eventually this fight will end up on the mat. From there, Bisping has a better ground game. Advantage Bisping.

Greg - Let's be real here, Leben is going balls to the wall and will land that first big punch. From there, it's game over for Bisping. Advantage Leben.

Who do you think makes a better argument?

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