Ryan Bader and Junie Browning, Calling Out TUF winners

posted by cradick on October-16-2008, 11:17pm

From what I have seen this season, I already have some early favorites to make the finale. Of course there is Ryan Bader who was a legitimate number 1 pick by Coach Nogueira. Then, there is Junie Browning.

Picking Bader probably isn't much of a surprise, but picking Browning is a long shot. For one, he has almost been kicked out of the house twice. Then, there was the jumping over the octagon incident. His biggest challenge may not be winning the fights, but making it to his next fight.

So why Browning? I guess I get that feeling because he is writing blog posts for the UFC website. Why would the UFC pick Junie to write posts if he didn't make it far in the show? They wouldn't. Now, whether he makes the final or not is another question, but I am guessing he does.

Who is your early favorite?

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#1 posted by cradick on October-16-2008, 11:18pm
After thinking about it more, the only two fighters I can name are Bader and Browning. I guess that has something to do with picking them to win. Perhaps future episodes can sway my thoughts.
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