UFC 109 Shaping up Nicely

posted by cradick on July-17-2010, 2:27am

After looking at the UFC 109 card again, I believe this will be a quality event. Not only does the card include name brand fighters like Couture, Coleman, Marquardt, Swick, Maia, Serra and Trigg but also some quality match ups. The headline fight features two UFC hall-of-famers. At first, I thought this fight didn't make sense but now it does for two reasons. First, after a little research, this match should have happened years ago when the fighters were both first making a name for themselves. Second, this is a fan-favorite match up that people want to see.

So what else does this card have to offer? I am probably most excited to see how some fighters react to recent losses...

  • Mike Swicks loss to Dan Hardy
  • Demian Maia loss to Nate Marquardt
  • Matt Serra - Matt Hughes
  • Frank Trigg loss to Josh Koscheck

Only time will tell, but I putting my money on this turning out to be a memorable event.

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