Brock Lesnar is Back

posted by cradick on January-25-2010, 12:00am

The UFC is glad to have Brock Lesnar back. After a freak and somewhat mysterious illness, it sounds as though he is ready to start fighting once again.

So what make Lesnar such a draw? First of all, the guy is a freak of nature. He is as quick as a middleweight but the size of a "large" heavyweight. It's amazing to see Lesnar explode through an opponent for a take down. I can't think of another middleweight, light heavyweight, or heavyweight fighter that makes it look that easy.

Second, Lesnar brings the wrestling attitude to mixed martial arts. He knows how to play to the crowd and how to get fans excited one way or another. Love him or hate him, he is always entertaining. Can anybody ever forget his speech after UFC 100?

Finally, Lesnar naturally has the appeal of being the biggest and baddest fighter in the UFC. Mike Tyson had the same draw in boxing when he was destroying opponents, you just expected him to win every fight.  The heavyweight has always been the highlight of fighting organizations, now the UFC has their stud back in the stable.

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