Can Demian Maia defeat Anderson Silva?

posted by cradick on February-14-2010, 12:00am

Now that Demian Maia has been chosen to battle Anderson Silva at UFC 112, the question is can he win the fight? The obvious answer is of course he can win, anybody can win a fight. Do I really need to remind you that Matt Serra destroyed George St-Pierre?

In my opinion, Maia is as likely to win as anybody else the UFC could have chosen. I won't get into the complete breakdown, but there were only two real candidates outside of Maia. The first being Chael Sonnen, who because of a medical suspension wouldn't be able to train until a month before the fight. The other being Nate Marquardt, who couldn't really be put in a title fight after losing his last fight.

So how does Maia win this fight? Maia will need to find a way to get this fight to the mat, which in itself may prove too hard to accomplish. I believe Maia will have to exchange some at the beginning of the fight to setup a takedown or to pull guard. If the fight does go to the ground, Maia clearly has the advantage and should be able to pull of some sort of submission.

Even if Maia has slugger's chance to win this fight, Anderson Silva has yet to lose in the UFC and has made fighters such as Forrest Griffin and Rich Franklin look foolish in the cage. As much as I would like Maia to win this fight, look for a knockout early by Mr. Silva.

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