Rankings: 2-25-2010

posted by cradick on February-25-2010, 12:00am

I finally decided to create my own rankings. I must admit that I was motivated to create these rankings because I joined a cross site ranking effort initiated by mmaquickhits.com. I will keep you posted on how it goes, should be fun. Do note that I won't be ranking the featherweight and the bantamweight classes as I don't follow them closely enough to judge.

The heavyweights were the most difficult to rank, especially after you get by Fedor, Lesnar and Mir. The division I had the most fun with had to be the middleweights. Despite the apparent lack of a challenger to the number one spot, I think you could shuffle the remaining four fighters around and nobody could argue that much.

I don't think anybody will argue too much with my rankings, maybe outside of the pound for pound rankings. To me, these always seem to generate more discussion than anything. For my money, Anderson Silva is the most dominant fighter in the world and so he lands in the number one spot.

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