UFC 111: Frank Mir vs Shane Carwin

posted by cradick on March-26-2010, 12:00am

I am not exactly sure how to best summarize my thoughts on this fight, so let's just jump into it. Since his loss to Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir has been on a mission. He started a weight lifting program and if I remember right he put on about 20-30 pounds of muscle. The new found motivation for training has also prompted him to say stupid things like he wanted Brock Lesnar to die in the Octagon. My point is this, the guy is obviously motivated and that is a dangerous thing.

Speaking of dangerous things, Shane Carwin is an anomaly in the UFC heavyweight division. Let me lay the stats down for you, the guy has a perfect record (11-0) with four of those victories coming in the UFC. OK, that is pretty good but add the fact that no fighter has made it past the first round and you start to understand how good this guy is.

What makes Carwin so dangerous is that he is an elite wrestler with the punching power to put anybody to sleep. Mir has good hands, but Carwin has already shown that he has a good chin. I say advantage Carwin.

The key for Mir will be to extend the length of the fight, the longer it goes the better for Mir. The odds makers have Mir as their favorite, but I like Carwin in this fight. Expect some heavy hands to end this fight early.

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