The Ultimate Fighter 11: Episode 2

posted by cradick on April-8-2010, 12:00am

The second episode of the The Ultimate Fighter has already proved to me that this will be a great season. We have all the right elements in place.

First of all, the show has great coaches. Liddell is the strategist while Ortiz is the draw-you-in likable coach. Also, it doesn't hurt that these guys really hate each other. The strategy of Liddell is called into question early as Dana White tells both coaches he thinks Ortiz picked the better team. Liddell is quick to defend himself saying that he had done his research and you can't always judge a fighter by one fight. Time will tell on this one.

Second, the show has interesting fighters. The most interesting may just be Jamie Yager. To make it into the house, he threw consecutive head kicks and scored a knockout in under 30 seconds of the first round. Once in the house, Yager immediately joins up with the Kris McCray and Brad Tavares and they decide to wake the entire house up using air-horns at 3:00am. I think it is easy to see there is going to be conflict in this season.

Finally, the show has some early story lines to follow. What will happen with the wildcards? Will the other fighters grow tired of Yager's mouth? Does something happen to Ortiz that forces him to leave the show? Who picked the better team? I guess we will have to stay tuned to find out.

OK, onto the fight. Liddell, having the luxury of picking the first fight, selects Kyle Noke from team Liddell to face Clay McKinney from team Ortiz. The choice proves to be a good one as Noke catches McKinney in a triangle forcing him to tap-out.

Team Liddell 1, Team Ortiz 0.

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