UFC 118 Preview

posted by cradick on August-27-2010, 12:00am

UFC 118 is promising to be one the best MMA cards of the year. I like the card not only because you get a little bit of everything, but the televised card is stacked. Let me explain why this is card is a can't miss.

Main Event: A title fight between Frankie Edgar and B.J. Penn. This of course is a rematch of a fight where Edgar shocked the MMA world with a decision over Penn. So, we have a title fight that is a rematch of a closely contested fight. We have great fighters and a legend in Penn, what else can you ask for in a main event?

Co-Main Event: The buildup for the fight between James Toney and Randy Couture has been billed as boxing versus MMA. I am not sure I like the spin, but it certainly will prove to most people one of two things. Either that boxers are legitimate fighters that belong in MMA or that boxers do not belong in the MMA ring. I don't think it will prove either, but nonetheless I am interested to see how the fight transpires.

Demian Maia vs mario Miranda: A submission specialist versus a strong grappler. I really enjoy watching Maia when he is on the ground and I assume that is where this fight ends up. On the other hand, the two fighters may choose to stand and trade punches. Either way, Maia is usually very entertaining to watch, especially if you like submissions.

Kenny Florian vs Gray Maynard: Not much is being said about this fight, but this will probably be the most exciting fight to watch. It will be fun to see how Maynard's pure strength matches up with Florian's technical accuracies. This fight will most definitely produce the number one contender for the lightweight title.

Nate Diaz vs Marcus Davis: I assume the event will get kick-started with this fight and what a way to start the night. Davis is an explosive fighter looking to gain some more momentum after dropping two of his last three fights. Diaz is a self proclaimed bad boy that always impresses me with his submissions and different ways he wins fights.

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