UFC Fight Night Swick vs Burkman: Results

posted by cradick on January-24-2008, 10:04pm

Overall, UFC Fight Night Swick vs Burkman was a disappointment. Not to say there weren't some great fights. Patrick Cote vs. Andrew McFedries was a tale of two sluggers that ended with Cote as the victor. Nate Diaz continued his streak of wins in the UFC with a submission over Alvin Robinson. After the victory, Diaz begged match maker Joe Silva for a better opponent. Be careful what you wish for Diaz... I would like to see Roger Huerta in that spot.

Finally, I need to mention Kurt Pellegrino's fight. Alberto Crane landed a huge kick that sent Pellegrino to the mat, but soon recovered and eventually finished Crane. The best part was the post fight interview where Pellegrino thought that he had been caught with a punch, not a kick. For a full recap of all the fights, see Yahoo's summary.

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