Emelianenko and Sylvia to fight in July

Submitted by mmajunkie.com on 4-8-08
Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia (24-4) and longtime PRIDE title-holder Fedor Emelianenko (27-1) have agreed to fight on July 19, most likely at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.
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#1 posted by cradick on April-8-2008, 6:17pm
It's about time. This is probably the fight that would have happened in the UFC if they were able to sign him.
#2 posted by iamphoenix on April-8-2008, 6:57pm
i'm picking tim sylvia only because i want to see fedor lose.
#3 posted by cradick on April-8-2008, 7:05pm
Tim Sylvia will post a serious threat to Fedor's unbeaten record. Yes I know he has a loss, but it was a cut and I think the doctor's didn't let him continue. The only problem with Sylvia is that he has no ground game.
#4 posted by iamphoenix on April-8-2008, 7:54pm
yeah. this could easily go fedors way. i hope it will be a great fight though. if this really is going to be on hdnets i won't be able to watch it live.
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